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Prayer Request Rules

If your prayer request is an emergency, be sure to contact 911 in the USA or your local emergency phone number to get immediate help.  When you submit a prayer request in an iPray Group please understand that you are trusting the group administrators who created the group (not iPray staff) to decide when and whether to publish your prayer request.   Your group administrator and iPray do not assume any liability or responsibility for your prayer request.  Like all social media platforms, you are 100% responsible for the content you share on this platform.  The administrators who created the group you have joined (BTW - anyone can create an iPray group and be a group administrator) have complete authority to decide what prayers are appropriate or not to publish to their group.  Please give them grace if they do not feel comfortable publishing your prayer request.    Always be smart with your prayer requests.  Remember not everyone can be trusted with sensitive prayer requests.   iPray recommends to our users to write in "code" if you want to share a potentially sensitive prayer request.  Request prayer in a way so that if someone in the public views your prayer (if your iPray group is not private) only your most trusted friends would know how to decipher it.  BTW - iPray groups can be private and password protected or open to the public.    Remember, while we do our best to protect our users and their privacy, like all social media platforms, you use iPray completely at your own risk.   

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